Month: January 2017

Pokey-man No

Another day, another fake geek boy


Magikarp didn’t sign up for this



Pika…Pika oh my god. Why? 


Sudowoodo? More like Sudowouldn’t


Deep Thoughts


Hang your head in shame, boy.


Staring at your abs won’t make you feel better, son. Put a shirt on!


I hope after thinking about it, you shave that beard. Slut.

Young men you all seem to be deep in thought. I hope you’re all thinking long and hard about your immodest behavior.

Doggone it, Immodesty


Yes there is much negativity in the world but your naked nipples don’t make me feel better. In fact, I feel worse. The photo above doesn’t tell me where I can get a puppy! Why tempt me like that?
We’ve talked about this before. Why do men post these types of photos with pets? Well, for one thing they hope the cute animals will distract us from their sinning pectorals.

If I am being honest, this type of behavior doesn’t surprise me. Firefighters are known sluts. Just look at what typing “firefighter calendar” will yield in Image Search. Look at all the subcategories as well!


Why would you even want a calendar like that? To countdown your departure to hell, I guess?


Thankfully reader NG has edited the photo so we can enjoy the puppies and not risk our mortal souls.


Floating puppies: better than slutty puppies

Ok, I hope to never have to see the words “slut” and “puppy” that close ever again.


Hell isn’t a cake walk!