All In for Immodesty

Ricky Martin, notorious shaker of bon bons, debuted his new show in Las Vegas this past Wednesday. 
As a staunch defender of Mandesty I keep a close eye on his social media presence. This was posted a few days ago on his Facebook page

I am glad he’s getting used to scorching heat. His residency titled All In will run from April until September. 

This immodest behavior isn’t new though. He has been featured on this blog before and, well…just see for yourself. 

What did milk ever do to deserve this?

What was I saying?

Get used to them flames

It’s nicknamed Sin City for a reason.


A Mandesty Conundrum ON ICE!

Well Readers, today’s entry is a confusing one. I came across this on Facebook and I was ready to write a post about the immodest display by Evgeni Plushenko. But can it really be called immodesty if the man isn’t really naked? Yes. Yes it can. We’ve discussed this before.

So I leave this here for you to draw up your own conclusions:

The music is certainly immodest. Which is not unusual because it’s sung by  pussy cat interrogator Tom Jones.


The only dance I wanted associated with Tom’s music


Engañandome a la inmodestia

El lector AH me ha alertado sobre un sitio web que muestra “hombres calientes”. Imagina mi decepción al no encontrar imágenes de hombres en llamas sino piel desnuda.

Una de esas imágenes fue esta:


Si este joven no tiene cuidado, hará que el término “hombre caliente” signifique otra cosa

Este joven en particular es de Costa Rica, el lector AH está preocupado por los jóvenes del país de su madre. ¿Qué tipo de mensaje envían estos tipos de imágenes a los niños?

¿No hay alguien que por favor piense en los niños? Y por favor dile a este joven que su atención debe estar en lo que esté asando a la parrilla.

English language translation here

Misleading to Immodesty

Reader AH has alerted me to a website that shows “hot men”. Imagine my disappointment in not finding pictures of men in flames but naked skin.

One such image was this:


If this young man is not careful, he’ll make the term “hot man” mean something else.

This particular young man is from Costa Rica, reader AH is worried about the young people of his mother’s country. What kind of message do these types of images send to children?

Won’t someone please think of the children? And please tell this young man that his attention should be on what he is grilling.

Traducción al Español aquí