Classic Immodesty


Image via @Whores of Yore

Proof that immodest men are not a new phenomenon. The men of today must have gotten it from somewhere. And now we know.


Misleading to Immodesty

Reader AH has alerted me to a website that shows “hot men”. Imagine my disappointment in not finding pictures of men in flames but naked skin.

One such image was this:


If this young man is not careful, he’ll make the term “hot man” mean something else.

This particular young man is from Costa Rica, reader AH is worried about the young people of his mother’s country. What kind of message do these types of images send to children?

Won’t someone please think of the children? And please tell this young man that his attention should be on what he is grilling.

Traducción al Español aquí 

Nuts to Immodesty


Not sexy


I think I’m starting to understand why some people call it “nut-ella”. Readers, this isn’t the first time this tasty spread has been featured here. Why are men ruining such a classic treat with their smuttiness?


Actual sexy

For the record, it’s Noo-tella and I won’t accept any other pronunciation especially from immodest fellows.

Modesty Style Alert!

Men, I know that after reading my post about Summer immodesty, you were left wondering how you can enjoy the warm weather the way Jesus intended. Thanks to a loyal Mandesty reader, I have an answer for you!  Yes, for just $29.99 (US) you can have fun in the sun and safeguard your soul!




I know you may ask: “But what about wetsuits?” Unfortunately wetsuits are not modest. They cling to the body and while some styles cover the extremities, there are others which don’t.


Wetsuits aren’t a modest option!

Wetsuit? More like slutsuit!