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Is There Something Wrong With Your Eye?

At Mandesty, we not only discuss immodest dress but also behavior. We’ve tried to talk to PM Slutty McSinful but he just keeps going on with his immodest self.

Anyway, we’ll continue to talk about ways in which behavior can be immodest.

Today we will focus on winking. Yes, winking aka the Devil’s eye tick.


Being Modest is very Hardy for this boy. 

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(Dis)honorable Mentions

Not winks but slutty eyes nonetheless



The Devil probably made him an offer he couldn’t refuse


This was added to this post for…reasons


Clothed Immodesty

Readers, many men think that by simply covering up, they’re engaging in Mandesty. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As we’ve discussed before Modesty is also about your attitude and how you carry yourself. But Modesty is also about WHAT you wear.

Sir, those pants are too tight! Please, think of your future children and let that area breath!


What is going on with those sleeves?


Here we have the reverse problem. OK pants, but the shirt, sir. That V-neck isn’t modest. No one will look at your eyes.


What is the point of suspenders?


Why bother wearing clothes at all, young man?!

As we all know, mainstream media isn’t immune from immodesty.


Captain America: Immodest Soldier

Oh Mr. Rogers…this isn’t the American way at all.